I was born and raised in New England, but I’ve got a little West Coast sunshine in my soul! I’m a firm believer that laughter and goofiness are the key to life. I live for the simple things: stormy weather, mountains with beautiful views, gorgeous sunsets, & my family!

I am a Marine Corps Veteran, wife to an incredibly handsome & supportive man, a mother to 3 beautiful girls and a sweet, sweet boy! Although life can be chaotic at times, my kiddos keep things interesting and full of purpose! This is life in my 30's & I'm loving every.single.minute of it.

Tanya in a nutshell: I'm a beer and whiskey kind of girl! I love classic rock and country music. I can accomplish almost anything as long as I have good tunes playing, except folding laundry (that I just can't do alone!). I love sweaters and the weather that goes along with them! I am generally a loud individual and tend to get excited about everything, but I'm lots of fun and am easy going! (Can you tell by my overuse of explanation points?)

The art of photography makes me giddy; it makes my soul happy! I love how it is limitless to what I can create and it allows me the opportunity to serve my clients with passion and love. Honestly, I'm living a dream I never knew I had until I was head over feet in it! Enough about me- Let's grab a beer (or mimosa if its before noon!) and chat! I promise I'll talk too much, but we'll leave knowing were the right fit for each other!

Arizona & SoCal Wedding Photographer Sweet Snappin' Photography

Sweet Snappin' Photography is a wedding photographer based in Yuma, Arizona