I was born and raised in New England, but I’ve got a little West Coast sunshine in my soul! I’m a firm believer that laughter and goofiness are the key to life. I live for the simple things: stormy weather, mountains with beautiful views, gorgeous sunsets, & my family, but lets not forget about pumpkin everythaaang!

I'm Marine Corps Veteran, wife to an incredibly handsome & supportive man, a mother to 3 beautiful girls and a new sweet, sweet boy! Although life can be chaotic at times, my kiddos keep things interesting and full of purpose! This is life in my 30's & I'm loving every.single.minute of it.

I’m extremely corny and I tell awful jokes, so I shoot people! (get it?!)

I'm a beer and whiskey kind of girl! I love classic rock and country music. I can accomplish almost anything as long as I have good tunes playing, except folding laundry (that I just can't do alone!). I love sweaters and the weather that goes along with them! I am generally a loud individual and tend to get excited about everything (yeah, like a 5 year old)!

I'm not exactly sure how I ended up down the career path that I am on, but I can honestly tell you that I am right where I should be. I'm living a dream I never knew I had until I was head over feet in it, and I would not have it any other way!

The art of photography makes me giddy. It make my soul smile & I love how it is limitless to what I can create.

My passion for wedding photography comes from a need to document life & love in that moment, challenge myself to learn more, and ultimately, create some unbelievable images for my clients to look back on!

Let's grab a beer, some greasy food and chat! I promise I'll talk too much, but we'll leave knowing were right for each other!

Arizona & SoCal Wedding Photographer Sweet Snappin' Photography
Arizona & SoCal Wedding Photographer Sweet Snappin' Photography

Sweet Snappin' Photography is a wedding and couples photographer based in Yuma, Arizona