Bailey is one of the first clients to ever hire me when I started my business! I love that she has been with me through every stage and I am so thankful she stuck around! Afew weeks after she found out her and Tyler were expecting their first baby she reached out to me and asked if I would want to photograph her maternity session. I'm pretty sure my response was something like "Oh my gosh, yes please" along with some squealing and a little happy dance at my computer. I was so excited that Bailey and Tyler chose me to document this for them. We started planning right away! Bailey knew she wanted a simple, stripped down style session, but was open to any ideas I had. I found "The Nest" which is an indoor studio located in Fallbrook, California and we booked it right away. The studio had beautiful natural light spilling in through the windows and we took full advantage of all the amazing nooks throughout the studio. Our favorite spots were underneath the window and outside in the old school bus (the bus gives such a retro vibe)!