Cathedral Rock| Sedona | Arizona

Emily is a fellow photographer that I met last year at a photography retreat. We knew we needed to meet up while I was in Sedona visiting with my family. We planned to hike to the top of Cathedral Rock and take photos of each other (most amazing idea we've ever had!). We started our hike about an hour an a half before sunset ( I was 31 weeks pregnant, had my 4 year old along for the hike & Emily's 2 dogs, so we planned some extra time to rest along the way). The hike was a little strenuous, but not too bad! There's a few spots where hands & knees are required to get up and one spot where your climbing up a section of rick that literally is only wide enough for your foot, but hey, its all worth it for the views! Once we got to the top of Cathedral rock we had the perfect amount of time to change clothes, take a few photos and admire the AMAZING view before the light was gone. Getting back down to the bottom was definitely the easiest part.

Here's a few tips for hiking Cathedral Rock:

Water! Make sure you pack a few bottles of water and a collapsable cup for your dog if they join you!

Pack a head lamp for the trek down after sunset! A head lamp is best so you can still use both hands for climbing down.

Bring a fun hiking buddy to enjoy the view with

Lastly, Pack a camera so you can take some photos while at the top!