Surprise! Imperial Sand Dunes Proposal

Trevor emailed me and said he wanted to plan a surprise proposal for Jen, but needed my help with some of the details! He knew he wanted to propose at a location that was not the usual and wanted it to be like an adventure for them, but beyond that, he was open to any ideas I had. After talking, we chose Imperial Sand Dunes! As you can see below, Imperial Sand Dunes has gorgeous "exotic" vibes and was perfect for their style. I reached out to Jen and pretended to need a couple to model for me in this location and she eagerly agreed to help out! Jen & Trevor have great style so I told her to wear whatever they wanted, just please coordinate. They showed up in classy all black outfits and I could not have been happier with their outfit choices. We started out the session just as I normally do with my couples. We did some prompts for some amazing candid photos and we did some romantic poses also. Halfway through the session when the sun started to set, it was go time! Trevor and I chose a code work/pose during out earlier email chats, so he knew to get ready! Trevor stood in front of Jen and I asked him to think of his favorite memory of Jen (I wanted to capture sweet smiles while thinking of Trevor). Then Jen stood in front of Trevor and I asked her to think of her favorite memory of Trevor. I told her not to say it out loud, but to just think of it and let it replay in her head. A few seconds later, Trevor said Jen's name and as she turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee.

Its amazing that I was able to be a part of that moment with them, because in that moment, their lives were changing forever! We used every last bit of light the day had to offer to toast champagne, light sparklers and play around in the soft sand!