Mount Laguna, California

I don't think there is enough that I could say about this couple or this incredible location! When Katy reached out to me about scheduling an engagement session she told me that her and Andy love to explore, hike and adventure and they wanted a location that reflected that. I have photographed at this location a few times prior, but it had been over a year since I was there last and I was in need of an adventure. Katy actually send me some inspo photos from my Instagram feed of locations she liked and 90% of the photos were from Mount Laguna. I explained that we would need to hike 2.5 miles and it would be some work to hike the incline, but would be 1000% worth it for the view! Katy and Andy were on board and we immediately started planning! A location like this one takes a lot of preparation and experience (especially if your bringing clients along). We scheduled to meet 1 hour and 40 mins before sunset, which would give us 40 mins to hike up, change into their outfits and start photographing an hour before sunset! I advised them to wear hiking attire and pack a backpack with their photo outfits, water and a flashlight/headlamp for the hike down in the dark!

We took 2 short breaks on the way up to enjoy the view (hello out of shape photographer, haha) and made it up the mountain in a quick 30 mins! They changed over and we started photographing right away! LET.ME.TELL.YOU we had SO much fun! When your at the top of the mountain, your basically in heaven! Its a 360 degree view of mountain tops that appear to go on forever. When you look down, you can see a tiny looking Sunrise Highway winding through the mountains. We watched the sunset over the mountains and everything turned a beautiful golden color, truly breathtaking! Piggy back rides, cuddling, kissing and the feeling of being the only people in the world at that moment, was exactly what my photographer heart needed. I was in love with the images just from looking at them on my camera!