Glamis Sand Dunes

I still cannot get over this Glamis Sand Dunes maternity session and how magical it was! Nicole and Cody were easy going when the unexpected weather rolled in, and I'm so happy they were up to stay instead of canceling! Before every session, there are certain things that I do, such as checking the weather, winds, tides etc.. depending on the location chosen. I checked the weather for about 12 hours leading up to session time and everything looked great! Minimal wind and sunny skies are what we were in store for. While I was driving to the sand dunes (about a 20 minutes drive) a huge storm cloud was off in the distance and I started to get concerned, but also really excited for what the sky could turn into! Upon arrival, I talked with Nicole and Cody about the possibility of rain and them getting wet, but we all agreed to continue with the session and see what images we could get in the meantime. Well, all I can say is everything that happened from that moment on was pure magic! The sweeping clouds filled the sky, but left just enough of an opening for the sun to peek through and then the rain showed up with a small drizzle! I was squeling (yes, this is typical for me to do when I'm in the zone during a session!) in amazement becuase the weather gods de.liv.ered. Nicole wore a gold glitter maternity gown made by Sew Romantic Design and the Dusty Amethyst Athena gown from Chicaboo.

We finished up their maternity session 30 minutes early becuase the wind picked up and was throwing cold rain at us, but we got the perfect amount of images with so much golden goodness and magic! Our walk back to the car graced us with a beautiful rainbow over the sand dunes. What an amazing way to end this incredible maternity session in honor of them becoming parents!