Wetlands Park- Yuma, Arizona

Photographing a water maternity session has been on my photography bucket list for a long time now! When I first moved to Yuma, AZ back in July, Emily reached out to me about her session and we talked about some of the ideas she had. She wanted water, but didn't know if it was possible in Yuma. I did some research and scouted a few locations which lead me to Wetlands Park! On the side of the park I noticed a boat launch sign and a small paved road and followed it down to the water. I was extremely excited to learn that swimming was allowed and that the water was only maybe waist deep (que my excited squeal!). The planning began!

We booked Emily's session a little later in her pregnancy than I normally suggest, but she wanted to wait for her husband who was on a military deployment. Allen was set to return home at the end of her pregnancy. With only a week delay in his return, he was able to be apart of the maternity session!

I laugh thinking about this session because I was also pregnant (5 weeks behind Emily). With my camera in hand I lead Emily and Allen into the Colorado river. People were walking by looking at us standing in the middle of the river, but all I cared about was the beautiful couple in front of me and the gorgeous golden sun behind them!

Maternity Session Tips:

  1. I recommend booking your maternity session between 30-35 weeks! Booking your session at this stage in your pregnancy ensures that you have a showing baby belly and that you still feel great! Typically, between 30-35 weeks pregnant mommas still have mobility and energy to get to specific locations that they want. Booking your maternity session after 35 weeks can still be done, but may not be able to access specific locations (remember, every momma is different and every pregnancy is different)
  2. Bring multiple outfits! I recommend that clients bring an outfit change to their session. Having multiple outfits gives variety to your session! I recommend a cute flowy dress AND something your comfortable in. You want to feel comfortable AND confident, so step out of the box with clothing choices, but not too far out of the box! I offer a client closet that has multiple dresses of different colors, sizes and styles that are included in your session fee. Some great dress shops are: Chicaboo Maternity, Forever 21, Three bird Nest, Fillyboo, Pinkblush Maternity, Sexy Mama Maternity and ASOS.
  3. Location! Location! Location! It is important to think about outfits, children and accessibility when choosing a location for your maternity session. You want a location that is safe for everyone, easily accessible if kids are involved and that meshes well with your clothing choices. Ask me about my exclusive location guide with over 20+ locations!
  4. I recommend having hair and makeup done for your session. I promise not having professional hair and make up is not going to make or break your session, but hair and makeup are always great ways to add a boost of confidence and add a little flare to your overall look! Check out @mua_cl, @karlyannglam, @hairbykayti, @babehairbyb, @blushyuma