Hey there!

I want to start out by saying that I am beyond honored that you are interested in learning from me! Investing in education, to better yourself and your business, is truly amazing and I applaud you for that. Back when I started my photography journey in the summer of 2017, I spent many nights searching the internet for answers to the questions I had about light, exposure, editing techniques and more. I watched hundreds of video tutorials, spent countless hours practicing new skills on my own children, and most importantly, I failed! Failing often, allowed me to wonder what else I could learn and what I could change to make my next image that much better! As a self-taught photographer, I want to share some of the knowledge that I have learned with you. I want to help you take the next step in your photography journey and to help make you feel confident and excited for your next session!

I cannot wait to meet you and see you grow!!


1 Hour Mentorship

We'll edit together via zoom, using 5-10 of your own images. We'll discuss light, exposure, Lightroom, Photoshop tips, posing/prompts and my process! There's nothing we can't talk about during our virtual time together, so ask away!


Sweet Snappin' Photography is a wedding photographer based in Yuma, Arizona